i've got a 2001 mim tele that i recently refinished from white to a nice stain (pictures if anyone requests). i figured while i have it all stripped down i couldd try some new pickup options, what do you think about putting a p90 or a gibson style humbucker in the neck? i mostly play pretty tame rock stuff, maybe on the bluesy side
any insight would be nice
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P90 in the neck would be killer. I hate my neck pickup, and I've been thinking about fitting in a strat neck pickup for awesome blues leads.

oh, and pics!
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and pics please
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alright cool, what do you think i would be more happy with or is it just personal preference? i have a little money to play around so i could probably try both

as for a picture here's what i'm left it as so far, it's got just a maple neck and either a tortoise shell or white pearl pickguard going on too
i had about everything possible go wrong staining and finishing it, left me with the weird glue spot between the pickup routes, but it gets covered up

not quite perfect but i do like it
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if your going for a humbucker it will be nice, my uncle has a tele with a SD 59 in the neck running that through a ts-808 and a 1960's fender tube amp was a nice experience.
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i don't know anything about amps really, i guess i can at least ask here and see if i get any responses
right now all i have is some peavey bandit solo series that my dad had used for a while. should i be upgrading that, and to what? preferably nothing expensive.
If u have a fender guitar get a fender amp. Hotrod delux or deville are nice and... whats did you do to the guitar... *white stuff*
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all the white in the route holes is just paint that was under glue and wouldn't strip off, it was hard to sand down in the holes. it was like this color i guess