So I've recently come into a situation where I'm going to greatly increase my amp fund. My mom is going to sell both of my lil bro's old violins and give me the money ($500-$600) AND she's going to buy my MG250 off of me for full price and give that to my bro for his birthday ($500). I wouldn't let her do that to my bro if he had been playing for more than a couple months, but he's running an old 8 watt SS peavey w/ no distortion right now, so the MG will be a good beginner amp for the time being.

So I'm going to have $1,000-$1100 for a new amp & cab for me. Once I heard this yesterday, I immediately got on Craigslist to look into some amps. There's a guy on there selling a 5150 II head for $600 which got me really excited b/c it's cheap, but at the same time I got skeptical b/c it's about $200 bucks cheaper than all the other listings for 5150/6505. I'm pretty much sold on a 5150/6505, but I'm also going to look into a Krank Rev Jr Pro, either way it's be about the same price.

My main question is what things should I look for if I decide to go used? problems, flaws etc...? AND also what are some pros/cons of buying used/new? Thanks in advance for your help.
First off, is it the EVH 5150 II amp or is a Peavey 5150? If it's a peavey it's a pretty fair price, if it's a EVH then that wayyyy cheap and it probably has some problems.

Here's a peavey:

Here's an EVH:
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The add says Peavey 5150 II. It doesn't say anything about EVH anywhere in the add. He doesn't have any pictures, so it makes it hard to tell. Another reason I was skeptical about it
Oh, that just a slightly different version on the peavey 5150. 600 is a pretty good price for it. I would go try it out.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Definitely test with your guitar. Check for problems with the pots (volume, etc.). Check the tubes. Though, tube replacement will probably only cost $100 or so.

Edit: Try them out, if there's problems you don't want to deal with or it isn't exactly your cup of tea, tell him you'll think about it, and check out the next deal. Since you're trying a few, don't settle for less... and see if you can haggle a little.
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He said he just replaced all the tubes w/ Mesas so I don't think tubes will be a problem, assuming he's not lying. Are there any other things to look for in problems besides pots and tubes? Maybe fuses or other stuff?
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Oh, that just a slightly different version on the peavey 5150. 600 is a pretty good price for it. I would go try it out.

Yea the way I understood it the 5150 II is the equivalent to the 6505+ right? If so that's good b/c I really liked the 6505+.
Fuses aren't important as long as they don't blow while you're playing. Make sure the speaker sounds good and all the inputs on the back are clean and look good.

I don't know the difference between the 5150s and the 6505s and the +s and the IIs and all that.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
The difference between 5150 (aka. 6505) and 5150II (aka. 6505+) is, that the II(+)-version has an extra preamp tube and a separate EQ for the clean channel. Basically, it's the same amp with better cleans (and separate EQ). Also, some people like the original better, somehow the tone is better? Or at least that's what they say. It's down to preference really (and whether you want better cleans).
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yea, my first tube was a hot rodded deville i got used at the GC for 400$.

But i found that it would start loudly buzzing when it got cranked up. (ended up selling it on ebay for 450$ and i mentioned the problem and everything, lol)

but you should play it for a good half and hour to and hour, to make sure once the tubes get nice and hot it still runs fine. and gotta crank it too... to make sure that it can handle itself at giging volume and not crap out.

Tolex scratches and buffs and stuff arn't a big deal... most important thing is the sound. So who really cares?

Also make sure to just the power cable socket, and the input socket to make sure they arn't loose, and that if you put a cable in a little bit of movement doesn't cause it to crackle or anything. Also definately make sure you check out all the channels and make sure that all the pots and settings, and knobs etc all work and do there job
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