I have a pretty cool guitar I picked up from a buddy. It's a vintage strat copy from the 70's or 80's. It's made by a company called MAIN, I've never heard of them and I can't seem to find any information on them on the internet.

Anyway, the guitar was pretty interesting. It had three pickups, a humbucker in the neck and middle position and a single coil in the bridge (??!?!). It had one volume knob and 5 toggle switches to change the tone (one of them was broken though). It also had a three way selector switch, and by the look of it, it seemed to have two more knobs that had been taken out. The input jack was also pretty sketchy.

Since recieving the guitar I have taken out everything I deemed unnecessary (All the stupid tone knobs and the middle pickup). I'd like to re-wire the guitar so that the three way selector switch can be toggled to "neck - off or ground - bridge."

I have no experience wiring guitars. In fact my experience with electricity and equipment has usually ended in tragedy (I've fried mixers and combo amps etc.). I'd really like to do this project by myself. But in my research in guitar wiring info on the internet I couldn't find anything that really helped me.
so you want a pickup selector and nothing else?

thats easy enough, get the 3 hot wires from each pickup (usually with white or red insulation) (if the humbuckers are four coil, take both hot wires from each coil, probably red, white, green, check with a multimeter (it can be done, look it up) or check the manufacturer) and solder the bridge to whichever tag on the switch you want (usually the position of the tag indicates switch position, i.e left tag is when the switch is in the left position, etc..) and do the neck on the tag opposite, leaving the middle tag free, then solder the middle tag to ground (i think) and take the ground wires from each pickup and solder them to ground. Then take the other tag on the switch, usually at the front of the switch so it looks like this
- Neck
- Ground - solder a wire to this to the sleeve of the jack
then solder another wire to the tip of the jack that goes to the bridge ground.

That should work, the only thing i'm unsure on is the grounding, as usually you have pots to ground it to. If you wanna put a pot in then solder the wire from the switch lug 1 and solder a wire from lug 2 to the jack, then ground lug 3 by bending it back and soldering it to the casing, also, solder the pickup grounds to the pot casing (and the switch ground). (that works as a volume pot, for a tone solder a cap across lugs 2 and 3, and ground 3)

That should work, it looks good in my mind, and i've done a few guitars. Might wanna get another, more experienced UGer to verify it, but it should work fine.

Hope it helps
Well, no. A volume knob as well, actually. But yes, that helps a ton.

Also, the humbucker has two wires and the single coil also has two wires.

I'm jyst trying to get more info before I start solderin' away.
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