i bought a guitar off my friend the other day a kkv its in pretty good nick apart froim the electronics, they just dont sound right they sounded fine yesterday but today they dont,
its really muddy on distortion and i need to turn my amp up all the way to get a noise, its not the amp because it sounds fine with my cort.

so what could that be?

secoundly im gonna upgade the pickups to some humbuckers that i think will be better , but does anyone have the wiring diagram for the kkv? its the cheapish one without the khaler

cheers guys
What EXACTLY is the model? Also, what kind of pups are already in it (single coils, 'buckers, or soapbars)? Check that you're mids aren't up TOO high on the amp but not too low either, perhaps that's the problem.
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