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Simple question, do you prefer thick or thin picks? I personally prefer VERY thick picks. Maybe around 2mm. You guys?


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I prefer the Dunlop big stubby ones, which I can't remember how thick they are but are incredibly thick
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I prefer thin ones.
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I use these and I quite like them.

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I thought this was about women. That more intersting in my opinion. I go back a forth. Some night its thin, others its thick. I like both
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for bass i use 1.14mm for various stuff, and 2mm for punk rock etc
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i use 1.14mm at the moment

i need 2 get thinner picks tho so im probs gonna be using 1mm or 0.88mm
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Medium Dunlop Gel-Standards.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Thin picks sound better on my acoustic.

For electric I'll usually go with a pick about 1 mm.
Snarling Dogs Brain picks, the orange ones. They're 1mm I think, maybe 1.14mm.
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Medium Dunlop Gel-Standards.

This. Just that they're heavy. I don't know the exact gauge.
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