This is probably going to end up rather large, so I'll warn you guys now.

I've lived in the country most of my life, raised by good parents and lived in a great crime free area. I was brought up to be tolerant of other human beings and the differences that separated us. I was, however, exposed to heavy racism and stereotypes, ,especially of African Americans, on TV and in movies. Although this never rubbed off on me.

Last year I moved to a large city to go to college and I hate to say this, but I've never been so racist against ******s as I've ever been in my life. Let me put it into perspective, theres blacks, and then theres ******s. You know the kind when you walk down the road and go to the other side so you don't have to be near them.

I work at walmart, and trust me, I've been exposed to every sort of human being you can encounter and ******s are my least favorite. I say this because they seem to take pride in upholding all the worst stereotypes that they've been branded with. I have a coworker at Walmart that is black and he is one of the coolest guys I know, he supports his family and contributes to society, and is one hell of a super smash bros player. He's as white as you and me, but the great thing is, he's just as negative towards ******s as I am.

Let me give you an example of exactly what kind of people I'm talking about:

They hate whites for no reason (we pay their ****ing welfare too), they smell, they talk horribly, they don't take care of their family, they suck off of welfare, they think they should be first in everything, they think they deserve everything, they are loud, they run from their problems, they never take responsibility for anything....I could go on and on....AND THEY ARE PROUD OF THIS ****!!! thats what gets me....

I don't know if any of you have ever been to the north side of Pittsburgh, or Harlem in New York, but surely you have seen the stain these people leave on society. Bill Cosby actually went on TV and asked "What is my race doing?" Chris Rock even has a great stand up set titled "blacks vs ******s" I'll include a link at the bottom of the post for those interested.

I'm not saying racism is wrong or right, nor do I condone it. But its unnavoidable.

One of the funny things I find is that I am perfectly fine with Middle Easterners, Europeans, Mexicans, Asians, and blacks but GOD do I hate ******s.

I guess the whole reason behind this post, UG, is this: Is there reason for people to act like they do, treat people like they do? Do you honestly understand how much of a problem they are to society?

If any blacks are reading this, please, don't take offense, this isn't aimed at you, however, if you feel offended and have a legitimate problem, feel free to post or even PM me.

Watch the youtube chris rock vid, It makes more sense than my post does.

Blacks vs ******s link:
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I agree. Me and my friends use those 2 terms to differentiate between them all the time. Nothing we can really do about it, though.
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