...when performing the New Born solo? I'm performing this song with my band at the school fare next week, and I've got the whole song down, I just need to know what effect pedals he uses, since I'm pretty much screwed if I can't play it in the same way.
He uses the digitech whammy octave setting 8.


With an expression pedal you could simulate it, even with a wah, its just getting the up and down bits correct with those substitute pedals, since you cant just 'up and down' like you would with a whammy, but thats the best i can suggest, even a wierd delay would fit, good luck anyway
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He uses the digitech whammy octave setting 8.

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and then the pope just does a freakin brutal breakdown
every effect under the sun.
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For the new born solo in particular its the digitech whammy, which is kinda expensive.

You might be better off making up your own solo, just make up something really frenzied.
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every effect under the sun.

The popular Misconception.

The essentials are a Fuzz, Whammy and Phaser. He uses a Phase 90 and a Fuzz Factory. The Whammy is obvious

The New Born solo is the Whammy going either 1 or 2 octaves up, i cannot remember.
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and has a korg chaospad built into his guitar

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every effect under the sun.

Not for the New Born solo, though. People are too quick to see Matt Bellamy in the thread title and go "Oh man, he uses a ton of effects..."
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^exactly. he doesn't use that many.

the new born solo consists of digitech whammy, octave up +1 setting. costs a fair bit, but you can get a cheaper substitute on many multi-effects pedals. most of the rest of the song is extreme distortion, especially for the riff after the opening piano part.
Yeah, the disortion I've got covered, I was just wondering about the solo is all.

Thanks anyway guys, I'll see if I can find it at a decent price somewhere.
Bellamy uses custom guitars designed by himself and Hugh Manson made in Exeter, Devon. He currently has a number of Manson guitars, as well as instruments by other manufacturers including a Fender 'Aloha' Stratocaster, a Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, a Gibson SG, Jackson Randy Rhoads (custom), a Parker 'Fly', a Peavey EVH Wolfgang and finally a Yamaha Pacifica. Bellamy's famous Manson shape has been compared to a Yamaha Pacifica, a Fender Telecaster, a Schecter and a Godin Triumph.


The first and most famous is his silver Manson. Bellamy came up with the basic concept for this guitar and Hugh Manson helped him realize it. It has a built-in Z.Vex Fuzz Factory which gives Bellamy his distinctive sound and the ability to use controlled feedback. In addition, it has an MXR Phase 90 phaser, a Roland midi pickup and uses Seymour Duncan and Kent Armstrong pickups. All of his other Mansons follow this same basic design (apart from Bellamy's 7 string which was not originally built for him) with some just having different pickups and finishes, as with his mirrored Manson, and some taking the idea even further. Matt's black Manson has a MIDI strip that controls a Digitech Whammy IV, when it is connected, a Z.Vex Wah Probe and a number of other built in effects. For the 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations, he bought a new guitar, the "Black Kaoss Manson". The guitar features two P-90s, a Fernandes Sustainer System on the neck and a Kaoss Pad. He also bought the M1D1, which is similar to the Black Kaoss Manson but has a Bare Knuckle Nail Bomb humbucker in the bridge position and a Fernandes Sustainer System (FSK-101 model, which is the humbucker version of the latter one) on the neck. He is also known to use an Ibanez Destroyer on stage (Hullabaloo). Bellamy uses Diezel amp heads, along with Marshall Mode Four cabinets ("We use Marshall because when we jump on them they still work, and they sound good... real good!"), Soldano Cabinets and Line 6 digital effects. Most of Bellamy's rack effects are made with Line 6 modules; his studio rack set-up also includes a Nord Modular.