I've been trying to find out which pots are right for my bass for quite a while now

I've had people all over telling me different things
i'm making a Precision bass with standard Fender pickups
i've looked up the schematics on the Fender website and found out that i need to use a 250k for the volume
but it didn't say what i need to use for the tone

so it could be a 250 or a 500

on top of that, the old Precision copy that i had used 2 500ks
so i'm all over the place

so what pots do i need?
and what's with all this take of linear and logarithmic?
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I think you need linear pots for volume, logarithmic for tone, and 250K for volume, and 500K for both tones. Or so I've heard.
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erm, right

Linear provide a smooth taper, so have a 1k pot and turn it halfway you get 500 ohms. Unfortunately this isn't how the human ear works, and using it for volume is a bad idea

Logarithmic pots work on a logarithmic scale, if you haven't ever done DNA markers for genetic fingerprinting, the units of resistance get smaller as you turn the pot up (i didn't word that well, search logarithmic scale on google) this is more how the human ear works, and should be used for volume and sometimes drive or gain

it should be all 250k, or at least thats how i remember it, go on www.seymourduncan.com and look at wiring for their p bass pups.

you probably want log for volume and lin for tone, i haven't replaced pots before though, i just use the ones already there but that makes sense to me

yeah, go for 2 250k, thats what j bass uses (well 3, but they use all 250k) and my strat uses all 250k. 500k give you a brighter tone, and 1M is brighter still.

So, recap, i would go for 2 250k, one log (vol) and one lin (tone)

also change around caps in the circuit, see what works for you, you can get some interesting sounds.
actually i think its the other way around. I'm pretty sure you use logarithmic for the volume. Because as for the tone change, you would want a linear effect to dial in the tone. But the human ear perceives sound differently and the logarthmic should give you a more 'linear' sound change when you turn it for the volume. if that makes sense...

Beat me to it! but ur explanation was better lol
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I just did this actually. All the schematics I found showed using 250k pots and a .047 cap. I ended up using 2 500k pots, and using a .1uF capacitor and it sounds amazing. The pots give it some high, but then your capacitor keeps it low, so you get a punchy sound. The 250's make it sound like any other bass IMO. Hope this helps.
a .1 uf capacitor would allow a lot more frequencies through which would cause them to bleed to ground, do you not get some volume loss when you use a .1 uf cap?
Faded Gibson SG Special - Black ice mod
Seymour Duncan SH-5 in bridge
B-52 AT 112
Ted Weber Mass100 attenuator
EHX Small Clone
EHX Metal Muff
DIY Modded tubescreamer
Dunlop 535Q Wah
Wax Potting tutorial
Not that I can tell. My uncle (Who used to work at guitar World) recommended for me to try it. Said one of the guys there showed him, and it sounds awesome. Not many people know about it though (On a P-Bass atleast) If there is volume loss, I havent noticed it.
The volume compared to my Hybrid is no different. I use a different schematic than most though.
right i think i'll go for 2 250ks and a .05 cap or maybe 2 500ks and a .1 cap
thanks all

do most guitar shops stock pots? i looked on the website of my nearest one and they didn't have a "parts" section
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Yeah, most have pots. But when shopping at a local shop, be prepared to pay more for them. I payed 6 apeeice for mine, but I also got a sweet deal on a couple bridges.
right ok cheers

the problem with buying on the net is that most sites either don't sell caps or don't state whether the pots are logarithmic or linear

and i think maybe if i go into a shop they might be able to wire it all up for me, which would be a HUGE help
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To tell you the truth, it doesnt really matter about the log or lin. Both of mine are linear. If you get new pots, go ahead and get a switchcraft input jack. Smallbearelec.com has all teh parts.
Good luck!