I've been trying my best to get a decent tone to cover Satriani songs with my Orange Rocker 30. I think I'm close enough to do his song "Cryin" justice, but the problem is the reverb/delay effect.

Since my amp doesn't have a reverb built in, should I get a reverb pedal? or just a delay pedal?
Delay pedal, for sure. It's more prominent than a simple reverb; I use it all the time.
i use both... but if i had to choose one it would be reverb, ill admit i dont know how to use most effects very effectivley but i can use revferb, i stuggle to make the effect sublty audible
does Satriani ever use a delay? i did not think he did, maybe i'm mistaken though.

but i mean if thats the sound you want, then sure get a pedal.
I don't know about a delay pedal, but i've heard really good things about the holy grail
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Buy both. They both are quite essential, certainly for lead stuff.
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If you're planning to use those pedals while on the distortion channel--forget it!

It's not going to sound great at all.
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