Hey Dude, I'm criting as I go so---

Intro: Pretty simple, but very effective, and very nice use of effects, giving it a very darkish, melodic atmosphere that truly holds up to the title in the beginning. The faster riffing after the main intro parts with clean kinda reminds me of the twilight zone, and after that it becomes into what seems to be a metroid(lol)-like clean part into the distortion part which is ****ing brutal. The harmony is ****ing awesome for the distorted part and I can definately hear lyrics being put into this song and it being an epic. The fill before the solo part is a little bland, I'm not digging it, but the solo is decent, I know you could of done a lot better though dude :P. The distortion to clean part carries very well, them complimenting eachother. Then the Metroid-ish part comes it which I like lol. Anyway, all in all, it's definately a good song that could be used as an instrumental, but also as a very nice regular song. 8.5/10, I hope to crit your music more, I like it :P.

Also, Crit me?

And you should definately enter into the UG Metal Contest III, you'll come in a high place I'm sure.

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