My band are planning on recording an ep soon, but we need to raise £80 to do so. We are all rather poor, so, pit, how can we raise £80? PLease help!
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I'll pay you £20 to eat a pine cone and record it for my amusement.

Disclaimer: I won't actually pay you any money. But please still do it.
busk, charge a little more at gigs soley for the EP(but make sure people know that that's why it's abit more expensive), sell yourself, sell unwanted items, become an assasin.
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Bristol Rovers

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Please, call me Joe.
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Very hard. I heard trips to the afterlife can be very expensive.

Actually that isn't very hard. It's coming back that will cause you some problems.
credit card.

i like the idea of doing something crazy in public with your band to raise money. like go into a busy place in town with your bandmates and say that when a jar you've got with you contains 20 pounds, you'll eat a big pine cone, or maybe dump a big can of blue paint on one of your mates, etc. you'll get the money in no time.
Get a job?
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play gigs for money..
my bro's band got all the money for their ep from gigging
you'll also get some fans who'll buy it
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£80 is **** all, man. And where are you recording for those costs? In a bin?
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I can earn more than that in a single weekend.
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