does it vibrate when you pluck the b-string ?
I only feel a slight vibration, that isn't all that strong and doesn't last long either.
does that mean i have an 'alive' guitar ? I don't know if it's supposed to resonate a lot, he doesn't say that.

what about your guitar ?

(btw, i don't know if it's a good test for a guitar's natural resonance, and i'm not claiming it is )

I feel it on all my strings but the high e on my LP... does that mean that I've got an uber- resonant guitar?
The set neck probably helps a whole lot as well as the ToM bridge, mine is the same, except i can feel it on high E as well.

Alive = the whole guitar is carrying vibration from the strings, its meant to be a sign of a well built guitar, but i wouldnt worry too much
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'Resonate' means to keep its tone and decay away, its your string vibrates in any other way than you picking, such as you can hear at the nut or brdige, then there's something wrong.

Anyway, with certain woods and shapes, you feel notes and chords more, natrually due to the wood resonance regardless of it being electric or acoustic.

With fender strats, if you hit the open a string at normal picking strength, the whole guitar shakes :P If you have springs in the body, you can bend open strings with a fretted note :P
none, but then again my guitar is just a piece of crap wood with steel strings
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