Ok so http://www.emgpickups.com/downloads/wiringdiagrams/EMG-KFKset.pdf is the site where i am looking at the diagram for putting these in.(The one with the 3-position lever). I have everything wired except for what is going to the 3-postion lever because in the diagram it has every other "knob"(excuse my non technical terms) being on different sides. On the switch in my guitar it just has the straight 8 all on the same side without the jumper cable which is in that diagram. So should i just assume that they are numbered the same on mine and just ignore the fact that mine are on the same side?Or what?

Any help appreciated.
Have you checked for other diagrams? It says if your setup is different to check their other diagrams tbh.
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Yea those 2 diagrams on that page are the only two which they have and that i can find with the pa2 also