ok so i have a Line6 Spider III 30 watt amp and every time i turn it on it like freezes. It makes no noise and cant switch anything no settings or knobs. But when i turn it off once or twice it starts working. Any ideas why ? and how i can fix this?
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1. Thats why you don't buy a Line 6 Amp
2. Wrong Forum
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you just made the mistake of complaining about a spider on UG.

you've been warned.

edit: i'm gonna report this to save you the agony. i'm not being a dick.
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We have a gear forum for such stuff, but anyway:

The electronics are simply f*cked - with a modeling amp, there is no way to tell what it is unless you're a technician who's trained to repair those amps. You'll have to send it to Line6 for repairs I believe.