Alrights, whats up GB&C? First post in this forum so im a little wary, but you might like this.

Initially this was a simple, cheap 100 pound strat affair from amazon. Original spec was a S-S-S setup, with master volume and two tone controls, your standard strat. Tone was good enough for the price but nothing to write home about. Sadly i do not have a picachoor from before , but you will already have a good idea.

This is the finished guitar :

Ill go through the mod bit by bit.

1. Pickguard changed from white to black, H-S-S routing
2. an Iron Gear 'hot slag' pickup, high output
3. new pot #1 Volume (the top black knob)
4. My personal favourite , and the white 'special' knob - variable coil tap on the humbucker. Goes from full to completely tapped.
5. New tone pot ( bottom black pot) Master tone
6. The small switch is a neck on switch, whenever its on the neck pickup is added into the signal.

And thats about it! i wish i could post wiring diagram etc, but i was not the modder, that be a friend who is litterally a wizzard with guitar modding and building.

So... opinions?

Urgh. every image host i use keeps dying . ill sort it
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unnessisarily awesome

the varible coil tap idea is sweet, as is the neck pup tap switch

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Hey, i thought i'd sign up just so that i could reply to this thread.

I'm the evil genius who did these things to Dicky's guitar - twas great fun to do!

As for the diagrams, i just used diagrams stolen from various websites, the coil tap is here:


and the neck on switch is here:


both are simple designs - i had been pondering all day on how to do the coil tap thing and i knew it would be a simple case of attaching both spare wires to a lug of a pot and another lug to earth - i just didn't know which lugs to use!

Next up when i have the time and dicky has the money will be to quieten the bugger as it has a LOT of noise.
For a cheap guitar that finish is just beautiful.

What do the middle setting on that coil tap sound like?
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cheers dude, i'll probably try out that if i get a guitar with humbuckers, the neck on thing is easy though, i got a bridge on in my strat, its awesome!
I have variable coil taps in my Les Paul, they are awesome.
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