Basically I need some inspiring music I can listen to during my 2 week vacation. So I can come back home and have tons of songs I want to learn. What are your suggestions on good bands I could listen to?

I mostly like rock, metal and similar stuff. Metallica, Iron Maiden, Queens of the Stone Age, Judas Priest, maybe some RHCP and all those famous bands. But Im kinda stuck with the same bands all the time so I could use some help with some good famous/infamous bands.

i guess its time to get started with thrash metal try Kreator (Violent Revolution, Enemy of God), Testament (First Strike Still Deadly), Sodom (M-16), Annihilator (Carnival Diablos) ...
I don't know if you will like them, but I'm really rocking out to The Fratellis lately, their old cd is great and their new one is even better (I think)

Oh The Confession is a really kickass rock band with some rippin solos if thats what your lookin for.
The most inspirational album I ever listened to on a vacation was Brave New World by Iron Maiden. I think it was because I was on a bus trip through France and Switzerland and the music just fit the landscape and scenery perfectly, not to mention all of the architecture. I would just pop on my headphones and that album and let it play while cruising around Europe. It definitely inspired me to start writing some more when I got back. That album is just head and shoulders above anything else they've done and in my opinion one of the best albums to come out in the past two decades.
Hum you might wanna try out Megadeth, Dream Theater, Stratovarius. You'll probably like them.
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You could also look through the Metal Recommendation thread in the Metal forum, I guess.

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