just picked up a new hotrails for my mim strat

the "guitar technician" was such a dick. he was going to charge me $25 just to solder it in. he kept treating me like I know nothing. i told him i had an mim strat and he was like "and what does mim stand for?" thinking i didnt even know. he was like, if you want to tighten the truss rod, you need an allen key. NO ****. He didnt even think i could put in my own strings.

anyways heres what i got

anyways, im gunna have my dad or friend solder it in, the end of the wire isnt exposed so do i just strip it so the metal is exposed?
And....your point is?

Edit: Oops, sorry. I didn't read the text below the pic. Just strip it and solder it.
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yes there should be 4 wires inside that main black wire.
strip em down 1/4" or so and solder away
there are plenty of tutorials here and on google if you need help
also Duncan's web site
you can find wiring diagrams on there too.

congrats and let us know how it goes.

you also have 30 days to exchange with Duncan if you don't like the way they sound.
i learned the easy skill of soldering/wiring in series/parallel by playing with little toy electric motors i took out of my toys
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Did you actually say 'mim' ? Isn't that a bit odd - why not just say made in mexico? or standard?

And $25 isn't unheard of for installing pickups - good call doing it yourself though.
25 to install a pickup is actually resonable.

also, asking how to expose the wire, shows how much of a noob you are.
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
we use MIM around here all the time bro

not odd at all

I think he means that he said "mim" to the tech. Which is just an abbreviation of Made in Mexico we use in forums etc obviously.
Edit: I pony up $20 to have a tech do it right. Kudos if you can do it though, I suck at soldering.
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s a pic if you want one. the HR is in the bridge.


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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
we use MIM around here all the time bro

not odd at all

I know, on the internet, and in text - MIM is fine. I was asking whether he said 'mim' or 'em-eye-em' which might have sounded a bit funny.