The squier jagmaster is a guitar that's caught my interest today, I never heard of them before.

Has anyone had experience with it? It seems like a cool budget guitar to play around with. I play classic rock, blues and some indie. Will this guitar be good for that, or is it mostly for grunge and hard rock?

Any opinions on this guitar? Is it worth getting?
i have and its pretty good idk how it would be for that type of music eceapt blues
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I tried one out for about 45 minutes a month or two ago and i remember liking it alot despite the low price tag. I didnt even look at the price tag until after i was all done playing. Try it out first though if u can, and if u like it go for it.
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i own one of those its decent for its cost and isnt limited to grunge and hard rock and has a nice tone
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