I have a Gibson Vintage Mahogany, and it is awesome...well, except for one thing. Lately, I have been breaking strings very often, and the A string actually unwinds near the bridge. The first time it happened was after i broke a string, so I thought the tension change caused by the broken string caused it to unwind, but yesterday it happened again. I was play some Mettalica, and suddenly it unwound. Why is this happening?
P.S. When I shake the guitar there is a rattling sound near the head.
check your tune-o-matic bridge. It rattles because theres too much tension on the string. But the problem is your tune-o-matic bridge. they break because either the saddle the string goes on is too sharp, or you dont use very good strings, haha j.k =]

but your best bet would be the bridge
or the tuners. he said the rattle was near the head. thuis happened to my epiphone after a couple of string changes-maybe new tuners
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this roller bridge will reduce your string breakage. Next you should replace the tuners to better ones may schaller or Gotoh
if I was to change the tuners and get a basic set-up, how much would guitar center charge me?
Oh my God, I don't know how many times I've said this, but Guitar Center is a bitch. They RIP you off. Do it yourself, easy. The tuners is just a matter of unscrewing the old ones and screwing the new ones in, and you can very easily change the tune-o-matic bridge saddle heights.
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If you have opposable thumbs you can put new tuners in. And learning how to set up your own guitar would be a really good thing to learn. You might have a sharp edge on one of your saddles something a nail file or needle file could fix. Top wrapping on the stop bar will decrease the pressure on the saddles and help cut down alot on breaking strings.