I am looking to buy a new low-end guitar around 300-400 USD. I play mostly soft classic rock like zeppelin and pink floyd as well as some metal like Metallica. I've been glancing over the Ibanez RG2EX1 and MIM Fat Strat. What are your thoughts and suggestions?
mim HSS strat

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those are both good guitars. check out an Ibanez Jet King if you can (they're kinda few and far between) its $300 brand new H-H both coil tapped. check out some Ibanez S series if you can, ther're H-S-S. Cort guitars are good and you can afford a few Epi's with $400. just dont make up your mind ahead of time and dont buy the same day, sleep on it.
good luck
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I am not looking to buy any les pauls or sgs right now. How are the S series of HSS ibanez guitars? How do they compare to fender fat strats? Overall, which ones would be the best for me? There are so many choices 0.0 and can Ibanez guitars make a nice clean sound as fender strats?