Okay I know the A,B,C,D,E,F,G Major Chords now I feel I should start with the major scales and then learn some basic songs, then minor chords and then minor scales and then more songs and advanced techniques (picking styles, ho/po, slides, bends, vibrato, whammy, harmonics, etc.)

3 Problems:
Where can i find guitar scales online? One's that ARE PRINTER FRIENDLY
How do I read/play the diagrams?
Where can I find guitar chord diagrams online?

I know two sites for guitar scales:
Chord House and All-Guitar-Chords
Only problem is how do i read and play those diagrams????
What is the difference between those diagrams and one like this

Which is easier? It says that ^ this picture can be moved up and down the fretboard, can the ones on chord house and all guitar chords also be moved around? WHy are those so you know big??? Also on all guitar chords I see 20 patterns and then these options:
Vertical Patterns
Horizontal (4 notes per string)
Horizontal (3 notes per string)
Shifted v1
Shifted v2
so all i can say is I wanted to learn the C Major Scale so I could play some licks in it and move it up and down the scale and now ive stumbled onto all of this and now im even more confused then when i started
Read them from Low E to High E, from the fret closest to the nut, to the fret farthest away from the nut.
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wait you still didnt answer what are those option sand these 20 or so patternS!??!