I was just wondering what all it would take to build one...the booth its self shouldn't realy be a problem for me, but when it comes to all the electronic stuff (mic's, recoding software/equipment), I'm kinda in the dark. I know it's kind of a broad question, but I any help would be great, cuase the only recording I've done is with audacity.
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I've heard that vocal booths take away all natural tone and resonance from your voice. Just think, do you really need one?
I don't mean this to sound patronising, but personally, I'd get a lot more experience under your belt before you go spending hundreds/thousands on building a recording booth.
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I second Fridge Raider's advice. If you are using a small home studio you should not really need a vocal booth. To top it off, small booths (such as those made from a closet...) will take out all the reverb that good studios aim to get when constructing the rooms.

You want a room fair in size and then put acoustic treatment up to slightly deaden it so you dont get any crazy echo or reverbs.

Start off with good gear, then move up to acoustic treatment and such if you really need it.
I get by quite well in my studio by just putting a mic in the center of the room and having the singer use that. I dont get too much noise or echos and can easily fix it up in post.

But yeah, start with decent equipment, then good plugins + acoustic treatment. After treating it, you probably won't care about reverbs, unless it's a small or square room.

And yes, they do sap out the reverb, so you can add it later.
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Well... maybe TS can explain why he/she wants to build one? What do you hope to achieve? What gear and strategies are you using now that are giving you results that you feel could be/should be better? Perhaps there is a better solution.

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Run a mic down to your basement and cut the vocals down there.
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