Ive decided to get a fender for my first guitar. I'm just trying to decide whether to get a Mexican made one or an American made one. I understand that Mexican made ones are cheaper, but have a much lower resell value(though i don't think i plan to resell it) and have worse electronics. Should I dish out a couple hundred more to get better quality?
If you can afford an American, and you're sure that you want to buy a guitar with that kind of price tag, go for it.

What amp are you thinking of getting?
Mexician strat for you dude. No point getting a squier if you can afford the MIM Strat then go for it, learn on a decent guitar man. I have the Fender MIM Strat and hell its a beauty.
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Agreed. I got a squier Telecaster about 4 years ago for 249 USD. It's a great guitar for starting, and if need be I would use it today as a backup. I wouldn't spend too much money until you know what kind of playing style you want to use the most, and you are ready for a good guitar. Better guitar, that is.

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I can't relate to the never ending games you play.
Go with the MIM if you cant wait. The differences between the two are very little. My MIA is actually not as great a guitar as my brothers MIM he just bought. Could be mines getting a bit old though.
Second hand MiJ would be my advice. If you can pick up a nice mid 80's one too, they're very hard to beat.

Or hell, you can sometimes get a nice second hand MiA for not much more than a new MiM. I know which I'd go for.

Buying brand new just doesn't make sense most of the time when it comes to guitars.
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I personally love my MIA Standard. It depends on what you want to spend; I see a huge jump in quality when comparing MIA and MIM.

If you have a limited budget, split it evenly on a guitar and amp.
get the mim and a fender blues junior

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

There is a big difference between the two, but I have a Mexican one, and I don't plan to get an American one for a while, they're pretty good guitars. I'd go for one.