They didn't get my guitar in yet it was supposed to be in already.

Anyone else not like L&M for similar reasons?
its not their fault that shipping is delayed

blame the postal service
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I personally like L&M thats where I buy my guitar stuff from.

I would have to second this. L&M is where I go, as well.

I have no complaints, and you shouldn't either. Blame the mail service, or bad weather or something. It happens.
Yeah. My Gibson was supposed to come in 3 days. Took more than 2 weeks. It's the only not-overpriced store in my area. Steves sucks, they hire a bunch of punk kids that look unprofessional and can't tell the difference between an SG standard and a '61 RI.
The only complaint I have with L&M is the crappy service in their Oshawa, Ontario location. They are unhelpful and just plain...lazy. Just poor management I guess. Other than that, every other L&M I have been to has been fine.
Be cool.
Good thing Vancouver is served by both tom lee and L&M. However, i find L&M is better in testing stuff in general.
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I go to the downtown toronto location all the time, its great, the people who work there arent the kind that hound you for a sell, they let you do w/e you want if you have questions you ask them and they help you, now for prices, its not always as great as the internet, but you can try it out beforehand, and they even have financing, which is a good thing, and the stuff they sell used, isnt bad either.
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Steve's sucks. The employees there have to lie. My step dad knew this drummer who worked there and he was told by the manager to tell customers that the drum hardware was top-of-the-line when it was crappy-ass Made-in-China stuff.
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