Just like the title says. From my research, everybody says Celestion Vintage 30's are the best speakers ever, so I suppose I'd want one of those.

However, my research has shown that there are these speakers called Veteran 30's, that claim to be an improvement on the Celestion Vintage 30's while also being $55 cheaper. Naturally, I'm skeptical. Anybody know about these?

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I think warehouse speakers makes some v30 copies that are supposed to be pretty good.

Edit: That is a warehouse speaker.
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Whatever your amp is. My guess is that the Classics are 8 ohms.

IMO, you don't want a Veteran 30 or any type like that. Actually neveermind, you probably do since you want a grungy sound. I figured that with a Classic 30 you would want something like a Greenback.