I've had a LP special II for like a year now, and im considering getting a new guitar:

PRS Se Custom,

Epi LP Standard,

Jackson Dinky,

or Mexican HSS Strat

Im about an intermediate level player, i play hard rock and some metal, so which would be the best guitar to get? My budget is at most 700 dollars
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Oh and will a longer neck scale make a big difference?

are you talking longer neck in general or 2 octaves?

if it were me it would be between the jackson or PRS
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Not really.
When I upgraded from strat to JEM I had 21 frets vs 24, and I found it no trouble adjusting.
Obviously some may and some might not, but half a centimetre should be almost unnoticeable.
Jackson DK-2. MIJ and comes with SD's.
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Either the PRS or the Jackson.
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so im going with the PRS, is it worth getting the tremolo

depends if you use it pal. personally i wouldn't get it because tremolos aren't worth the trouble unless you need it. it will throw it out of tune obviously so people who actually use tremolos opt for guitars with locking tuners, i wouldn't bother.
I'd go with the Jackson, but that's just personal preference, i'd try out each one and see which one feels better in your hands and how they sound, then i'd weigh the pros and cons of each