well, at the moment i am using a very basic crate practice amp. it has distortion (gain, gain volume), clean channel volume, and the three eq setting switches. there's nothing wrong with it, but i just think its very basic but i don't know a lot about amps. i was thinking of getting a fender g-dec (not the junior) since my friend recomended it to me because you can use built in backing tracks and its easy use with a wide variety of settings. should i get a new amp? if so, which one. at the moment, i want the fender g-dec. i only need it for practicing btw, no gigs or w/e
No, if you want a better practice amp then a cube or a valvetronix would be good if you want the effects.
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+1 on the cube and vox.
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but can you run backing tracks with it?

as in do they already have generic backing tracks in there? or could you put them in it?
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if theres nothing wrong with your amp and you arent really looking for an upgrade (a practice amp to a practice amp isnt much of an upgrade IMO) then i wouldnt get a new amp. something along the lines of a nice multi-effects processor will work nicely for what you want. i know some allow you to plug in cd players and such, as well as have drum loops on them. and if you get something nice, it will last you a lot longer than another practice amp. thats what i would do anyway.