I have a Squier P-Bass (Piece of ****, I know) I'mma be buying a Fender Jazz in a few months/next year.

Anyway, when I'm playing something fast on the E-string, my string keeps slapping up against my frets making an annoying slapping sound. It'll sometimes happen on the A string as well but it's much more rare. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong, is it my bass? It's really discouraging me from using the E string.
Try a heavier set of strings, and use a lighter fingerstyle/picking action. You'll find being lighter with the right hand helps you play faster too.
If you don't like the sound of the strings hitting the frets then you will have to adjust your technique to stop this from happening.

Try attacking the strings lighter and closer to the bridge.

I personally like the tone i get out of my fender when there is a bit of clacking, and i incorparate this into my playing style and sound.


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indeed, this happens when you are attacking with a lot of force, you may want to tone down the force and use a lighter touch (turn up the amp for the volume dont turn up your finger force!) you may also want to change the angle of attack.
This can happen when you finger run with a downward fasion ie. fingers nearly hitting the body of the bass. Tilt your hand a little
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