A year or so ago I bought a cheap acoustic guitar but I am now ready to spend a little more money on my first electric guitar. The styles of music I like to play are mostly classic rock, pop/rock and modern rock. I also like to play a little bit of blues and jazz but I could see myself playing alot more jazz then I do now. I am willing to spend around $400 - 500 including amp. The fact is that I dont really know what makes a good guitar so I really dont have any idea of what I should get. I have looked at Ephiphone's g400 but I have never actually played one since trying out guitars is a good 1 - 2 hour trip away. The one I have been looking at is listed here.

Thanks for any help,

Flow of soul
Not that amp. It sounds horrible. Buy the guitar and amp separately. For what ou mentioned, try a Roland MicroCube for the amp, and the guitar you showed is fine I guess. I don't like cheap Epiphones though, they feel horrible.
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Ok thanks I will totally check that amp out. Is the guitar I have looked at suited for the kinds of music I am going to play or is there something better that is in my price range?