Hi, I will change my guitar soon. I might buy a fender stratocaster. I also want to have a new amp. But, at the moment, I'm not in a band, i just practice alone.
I would like to know if I should buy a new amp or a ME pedal. My amp is a 15 watts Peavey. I just want to have betters sounds with my guitar.
Thanks to reply.
don't rely on pedals for a better sound.

get an amp and welcome yourself to the guitar world.
The Boss ME-50 is sick, but a good amp is required to bring it up to it's full potential. I've heard what my pedal can do on some decent amps, so yeah.

If your going with a Fender Strat, go tube then. I'm not one for tubes, I'll say that now.
But if you want your highs to be sparkly and warm, go for it. And Strats and tubes kinda compliment each other too.