Well i scored this sweet ESP explorer at this pawn shop.One thing i did notice is who ever had it before me wanted it it to be a Gibson because he/she drilled a big hole for a pick guard and switch! .SO yea now i have a huge hole in my guitar.
So yea anyone have nay ideas on what i can use to fill it in and still route it from the back?Pictures please!
Thanks guys

psid i post this in the right place?
yes you did, pics plz? we can help better that way.

what finish?
what wood?
how big/deep is the hole?

The only thing I can think of to cut a piece of wood and glue it in the cavity. Then use wood filer on the edges, sand it down, and refinish the entire guitar.

No matter how you do it, it wont be very easy. I would just get a pick-guard for it.
I'd just get a pickguard. Splorers look better with them anyways.
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holy ass, yeah, there's no effective way of filling that sucker in without it being noticeable from a far.

pickguard for you!

or you can build an EVH shark guitar replica, he didnt put on a pickguard and it has that route showing, looks sick actually :P

but honestly if u dont want to hack it up just grab a pickguard.
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Yea shark guitar!woot.hehe.Yea guess i should just paint it black and put the same color pickguard on it
(Can't stand The ugly non mathcing onesxO)Gothic epxlorer woot!
Thanks everyone!