After months upon months of planning, also due to the fact that I did not have any money while I was in college, I have finally gotten the wood in to build a guitar. Its going to be roughly a prs style guitar, double cut with a carved top. So here are all the details on it.

Ash Body with a carved top (Blank is 8/4 16" x 24")
Cocobolo one piece neck and fretboard (Blank is 6/4 5" x 31")
Two Stewmac Golden Age Humbuckers (Overwound in bridge, regular in neck)
16" radius
Graphtec preslotted nut
Sperzel locking tuners
Gotoh Traditional Tremelo

And now for some pictures of the wood
Cocobolo Blank - $18.10

Ash Body Blank - About $30 after gluing and surfacing

There will be better pictures once my family gets back from Tennessee. Ordering the parts from stew-mac Thursday or Friday. No real updated will be made until Friday night.
Sounds good I'll have to keep an eye on this!
The Cocobolo looks great. Anyone know what it's like as a tonewood?
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Sounds good I'll have to keep an eye on this!
The Cocobolo looks great. Anyone know what it's like as a tonewood?

Cocobolo is a Mexican rosewood. According to Warmoth it is more on the warm side, according to them it is also not used for necks but i've seen it before. I was expecting a lot more color out of the wood, i guess its because i have not oiled the wood yet. I'm hoping after some shaping and oiling i can get some more figure out of it.
I decided to go for a double cut les paul style body instead. I got a new blade for my bandsaw so that I can actually cut through the thick wood. Pictures tomorrow of the first cuts.
This should be great

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Alright i finally started working on the guitar today. I rough cut the body on a band saw and then used a belt sander to bring it more to shape. I'm going back with various tools to get a smoother surface around the edges, and will probably use a router to do final shaping.

I'm going to do some rough cutting of the wood that I have for the neck, basically cutting some of the parts that at 6/4 down to 4/4 for the headstock. I will also use some of the cocobolo that is left from this process for a "skunk stripe" and for covers and possibly pickup rings.

I got a piece of abalone in today, only problem is that the side with the best coloring and figuring looks like it is decaying.
SO far today I have planed the wood down from the 1 1/2" thickness to about 1 inch total. I also am working on planing the head stock area down to 3/4" before i cut it for the scarf join.

Progress so far

Sorry about all of the pictures being of a lesser quality, my camera phone takes better pictures than my camera.