Hey. I have a spider III and really need a footswitch for it. So I looked up prices and the most simple on, the FBV2 is $80 (here in New Zealand) where in the US its $30 but will cost $45 just to ship it over here. So I thought why not try to make one. So I looked it up but I cant find any useful sites.

So I'm just wondering if anyone knows any useful sites because I'm really not to good at electronics but would be able to give it a go if there was a tutorial somewhere.

Thanks in advanced
- Sam Jessop
SELL THE SPIDER!!!! Got to it first.
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That oughta do it.

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You cant really make a footswitch for a spider. They dont work like the simple ones used in most amps. They have a special connector and cable thats used. Its part of spider sales tactics sell the amp for less then get you on a nice expensive foot pedal to make it work. Some of the footswitches are pretty complicated and probably have their own computer inside.
Its only a Ethernet cable. I know thats a bit more complex than a mono cable but I'm sure the FBV2 couldn't be to hard to make could it? It only has two buttons on it. But yeah if it is to hard it looks like I've fallen for there sale tactics! Damn Line 6!
It only has 2 buttons but figuring out how to get the right signal to the amp could be a serious problem. That same cable operates the fancier pedals with expression and LCD monitor etc. So Im gonna imagine there is some sort of control module inside that sends the correct signal. So will be a whole different thing than a marshall/peavey etc with simple channel switching.