I got my Peavey Triple XXX half stack just a few days ago and love it! So i have been fooling around with the settings and I am really being held back by this crappy cab (Peavey 5150). But i have still managed to get some good tones out of it.

I don't know how to upload pictures, and the only ones I have are very small ones, but I recorded a bit of a dream theater song via fruity loops, audicity, and a really crappy Microphone and microphone cable. The song is in my profile

So there you go, a great head, great guitar(Schecter c-1 classic), and the rest of equipment is total crap. I used a bit of EQ, small bits of delay on the solo and a little chorus at the begginning. I used crunch for the rhythm parts and the Ultra channel for the solo. Let me know what you think!
wow. crunch galore!

good stuff there.

oh, and picks are easy to upload from PC if they are under 50K and 500 pixels.
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i think you can only do one at a time tho, so don't try to do a bunch at once, try going back using Edit to add more in.