Whenever I change my own strings, I find it really hard to wind them around the tuners properly... usually I just leave the excess string there and forget about wrapping it around the tuner. Is there any way to easily do this?
What I do (whether it is "right" or not, idk) s have all the tuner holes facing the bridge. I wrap the string around the post once and then stick the string in the hole and start tuning up.
Try and warp the string around the least amount of times, but still have a secure hold on the post. You don't want the string to slip because of a bad wind. It can really freak you out; I though my brand new E string broke because it went floppy when I was tuning up ;_;
Maybe I'm not clear on what you mean... but I don't believe you are supposed to "wrap" the tuners by hand. You put the strings through the hole, bend it, and leave a enough slack between the tuning peg and the bridge to wrap the string 3 times but TURNING the peg. Given that we only have two hands, this is a pain, but over time it becomes second nature.

Or go buy locking tuners like schallers or planet waves
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try that. leave a little slack.

there's a how to string thread in basics.

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I put a kink in the string the distance of one tuner (on a 3x3, 2 tuners on 6 in a row) then pull the string back into the tuner up to the kink. Next I take the string and wrap it halfway around the tuner, under the string as it goes into the the tuner hole and then pull it around the string. Now when you start to tighten the string will hold itself so you can use one hand to wind and one hand to hold the string.