This is my new song, split into two seperate parts, the other part is in the other thread (that might take a second to make). I put them in two seperate threads because I want them both to get detailed crits and looks from people.

Tell me what you think, C4C

Other topic is Here
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Really nice and creeping sounding intro. The intro sounded a bit like Gorguts, if you've ever heard them (check out Obscura if you haven't). The riff @ bar 14 was pretty good and so was the melody that came after it. The melody got a bit tiresome but probably not with vocals though. I didn't really like the riffs at bar 42-45, they felt a bit too stop-start-ish, if you know what I mean, they didn't really flow imo. The riff at bar 46 was however alot better. The transition from heavy to clean was pretty well done, imo. I'm not that keen on breakdowns, but this one sounded allright though. I thought the outro would have been better without those hammer-on and pull-offs at the end though.
Overall, a pretty good song.
First off, thanks for crit-ing my song.
The intro was very creepy, and helped to set the tone for the rest of the song well. I liked the use of dissonance (I think that's the word) in some of the riffs, but I do think that it was a bit overused (But still helped to make an effect.) I really liked the melodic riff from bar 19-36, it worked really well. The time-sig changes were pulled off pretty nicely, they were noticable but there wasn't the whole "ZOMG WTF LOL" factor that there is sometimes when there is a time sig change, and the same for the tempo changes.
Overall it was pretty good, it had good transitions from heavy to soft, I'd give it abot an 8/10.