My ibanez arcore AM-73's pickups are really giving me a fuzzy tone, and i have a gig in two weeks. I know i have plenty of time to get it fixed, but i am not a very patient person. Can anyone give me advice on what to do, can i modify them or do i need new pick ups.

Ill just add that i know the fuzzy tone is coming from the pickups because i played on three different cords and amps just to make sure.

EDIT: Can you also give me some suggestions on types of new pickups.
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I have a solution

get new pickups

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Check the wiring, 90% of the time thats the problem. You probably have to resolder them
btw, you dont mention what kind of tone are you seeking or what tone did you have before.

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as suggested, resoldering might fix the problem. ofter the hardware will have what is called a "cold" solder joint. Flux and resolder the joint. Use high-quality silver-bearing solder or some rosin core solder. heat to a higher temp (if you have a temp-adjust iron, if you dont, I suggest you get one such as a HAKKO 936) than you would normally for like, PCB work, as you will have a cleaner joint that way.
Go with GFS mean 90s or vintage 59s for vintage hollowbody tone.
a pair is about the same price as ONE SD pickup, and all the quality plus some.
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