All I seem to see on this site in most postings or article forums are a bunch of dicks who bitch and moan about bands doing it all for the money and not just the music.This rant/post is directed right at those lovely assholes who like to start trouble by crying " they used to be good then they sold out for money" or they changed their sound all for money" Etc.....Well children MONEY makes the world go around it buys clothes,shelter,food, cars and just about everything humans need in the world for comfort and survival and pays the bills.And sometimes a boring ass 9-5 doesn't cut it when u eat **** and sleep music.Stop coming down on good bands for this the people in these groups have serious talent and if that talent gives them a rich lifestyle good for them and if theres a chance to make more money thats even better it means theres a future of wealth for their children and grandchildren.If a band changes their sound don't be a bitch about it open your ****ing mind to it and if u still don't like it thats cool but don't piss off the true fans by posting your ignorance.I'd be more pissed off at a band that didn't change and just re-wrote the same old ****ing riffs and melodies.Don't blast people for trying something new.Music is about expirimenting thats how new genres get invented.Thrash metal wouldn't have happend if some 1 hadn't said hey let's play this **** faster and throw in some crazy ass classical sounding leads.Remember musicians are people too they need to eat and sleep and be warm and have a good life so **** the hippie ideals of just playing music for the love it and not profit thats a romantisized notion of childish stupidity i'm sure if most of you had a band that got offered a million dollar contract you wouldn't turn it down and then you'd be the very thing you complain about.So my message to you is GROW UP AND SHUT UP.
Yeah, but if you really do love music, then you could cope with a boring 9-5 job supporting your love, rather than changing that which you love in order to support you.
it is selling out because they are doing what the majoprity wants them to and not being true to themselves and thier music and it is really a waste.

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Simple, we admired them for making good music. They turned out to love money. Admiration gone, faith in humanity -1, and the money people spent on the album in hopes of the band continuing to make good music taken.

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because people think unless your 35 in your moms basement playing if front of 7 people you "sold out"
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Music is about the music not the money.
Fact is these band change to get money, thats when they're standards drop.
Bands create music which people love, and they love, and they get fans for that, and money... its only the greed that makes them want more money, so they go with what the majority want like fall out boy. Please tell me you don't like them, because they sound exactly the same as Panic at the disco and aload of other sh!t money making bands.

Your comment about new music being created, that only happens when people go against the flow dumbass, if they go with it, they do exactly the same as everyone else, which means the music doesnt change.
If bands think hey **** the media, I'm gonna stick some classical licks into my music, and that music was actually hated when it first came out, but the bands were in it for the music and eventually it caught on... And THAT is how new music is created.
You advocate both selling out and exploring new musical territory in the same post.

When people get angry at bands when they sell out, it isn't because they made a lot of money, it's because they went out of their way to conform to something that was more marketable to the mainstream.

So really, if everyone just tried to make music that sold, no new musical ground would ever be broken.
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you do have a valid point but i feel most bands are in the business for the music side of things.

And of course... if a certain band has a massive fanbase they're bound to make money out of what they do.
As a striving musician myself, my love for music goes way beyond what you think music is. Your blatantly ignorant view on playing music solely for money is irritating and I think you should figure out the difference between making music for the love of the music, and making music for the love of the money. Every band that gets out and plays as much as possible, produces the best music TO THE BAND plays music for the love of the music. Scooter Ward is a good example of this. He was the lead singer of a band called Cold, now he sings for The Witch. He wrote/sang songs no matter who listened to them. A majority of the songs he wrote were for his sister who was suffering from cancer.
Now, bands that play for the love of the money, bands that completely change their genre of music to go with what's popular at the time, look at Metallica. P2P sharing would have helped promote their band more to the younger generation, to people that are limited to what cd's they can buy, but no, they claim they would have lost revenue because people were downloading music for free. How many painters charge just to look at their artwork? None, why? Because it's stupid, and no one would pay money just to look if they have the option to look for free. See what I'm saying? Here's another example, a band that has a **** load of money but spends nothing on a stage show. They think that just getting up on stage and playing their instruments is enough for a show, bull****! At least spend the extra dime on a damn light show or something. Look at Godsmack, living the life, but they put on a great show because they feel that music isn't enough, that they have to get out and do something for the fans. So next time someone says a band is just in it for the money, give some examples of whty they're not, or don't say a damn thing.
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If you actually want to discuss this make a thread in the pit, preferably with a more carefully considered first post; if you're just wanting to write stream of consciousness rants keep it to a blog.

Either way, this isn't the place.