on on the origional pokemone red and blue how do you multiply your items
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go to viridian, talk to the old man who tells you how to catch pokemon. say yes first, then talk again and say no. then fly to cinnabar and swim up and down the side of the island. the item in your inventory that is in the 6th position will get multiplied, so make sure the item you want is there. When your swimming, random pokemon will pop up from the water and one of them will be a Glitch which is just made up of random shapes, and you have to kill it in order to multilply the item.
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3. move the item you want to multiply to the 6th spot in your bag
4. talk to the old guy in viridian who catches the weedle
5. after, fly to cinnibar and surk up and down the right edge of the island
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