I'm trying to find a good way to record my Mark IV without using a mic

My Setup:
Mesa Mark IV and a Line 6 Toneport UX2
no mics, just cables
pretty basic, I know

The Problem:
Whenever I use the "recording out" feature on the back of the amp, it bypasses the the power amp, and the presence controls. I've tried, but I just cant seem to get the same sound that I love without using the presence.

Does anyone have any idea how I can record without bypassing the power amp or using a mic?
The only way to do that would be a soak/attenuator on the speaker output, and run the line output from that into your Toneport. Even then, resistors suck enough tone where you probably wouldn't notice any improvement.

Seeing as the Presence deals directly with the NFB loops in the power amp, no, there is no way it will work without micing your cab. What you can do however, is get as close as you can with the graphic EQ and other onboard tone controls, record from the recording DI (not slave DI), and edit the sound further with EQ in whatever software you are using.

Can you give a sound clip of your tone as is so we can hear exactly what you don't like about it?
Are you using the head or combo?
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I'm using the combo, but I think I've solved to problem! I fiddled with the software EQ a bunch more, and it really made the tone more bright! I guess it was just a matter of a little more fine tuning.
I got this new mark Iv last weekend, and I swear I've spent all week trying to get a tone that I really like, but I think I'm just about there...
Thanks for your help!
Make sure you read the manual, it can be really helpful in understanding just how the controls will sculpt your tone.