after months of checking ebay, musician's friend, and probobly half of the music stores in the state, I finally found my next amp of the classified-style craigslist.com

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It's an older Peavey Classic 50 212, from about 1996-2000 (i think), I paid $375 for it.
Very good condition, some nicks on the tweed, but the electronics and tubes are in mint. The guy I bought it from bought it for a rock band, but later quit the band and stopped using the amp.

Interesting enough, the sticker on the back said it is HANDMADE in the U.S. Is this normal for older peavey amps? I thought it would be another mass produced amp.
Another thing is, if you look at the pics, the speakers have no label. Can anyone tell me if they're like the the black widows (?) or the blue marvels or if they're just misc. stock speakers? Date of manufacture?

Any recommendations for upgrades or effects? I play alternative type music at church (outside in the summer), some scofield type jazz/funk, and a little blues.

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haha, i've been trying to sell my amp and a digital recorder on there for like 2 months now. Every time i say cash only so i don't get scammed, and the only responses that i get are from people trying to scam me.

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yah, this guy asked for cash to but that's respectable. I actually had to drive up to the metro area (MN) cause where I live there is squat for musical equipment
Maybe get some new tubes, but try the stock ones out first as you might like them. For effects: I'm thinking a tubescreamer, a wah, a chorus, and a compressor.
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