On a search for something a little different I recently picked up a Gibson Faded SG (worn brown) from my local guitar shop. I currently play an Epiphone Les paul custom.

I can definatley tell the differences in tone and setup and I really like the SG. But the simple looks and unfinished body make it sort of unappealing. The Les Paul on the other hand is a flamed maple top, with gold hardware...much nicer looking of the two guitars with very simalr sound....

My poll question especially for anyone who has either of these guitars is...

Which guitar would you rather own, the Gibson Faded SG or the Custom Epiphone Les Paul?
gibson cuz i loved the unfinished feel of the neck its like.. so yummy. oh man -drool- im tearing up
neither, sell both and buy sg standard....i have it and love it and im a les paul type of guy....less bass than lp but more treble, not too trebly though, with good sustain= perfect, the strap always falls off it thats the only thing that pisses me off