It seems that on every Guitar video I see where a person does vibrato by moving the string up and down, apparently, according to most other people, they're doing it wrong and are supposed to move their hand like twisting a doorknob. I've tried that, and I just can't seem to get it down, the former method seems to work much better. (Pardon the television sounds in the background, my brother refuses to turn it down, and the Buzz Lightyear tent thing on the wall, also my brother's) Is there just something I'm missing here?

Vibrato Attempts

Also, I've been working on playing One by Metallica. I'm definitely not the best out there, but I don't think it's coming along too badly. Anyway, one of the parts that I'm not too sure of my performance on is the solo.

My (Probably lame) attempt at the first part of One's solo.

A few questions: Is my tapping fast enough? How can I make the transition more smoothly from tapping parts to strumming? And how should I work on getting better at the part I failed massively at right at the end?
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move your thumb farther towards the headstock, so that it's farther away from the fret you're trying to do the vibrato on. that way you get a more natural angle to use your thumb as the fulcrum point. also, start out by practicing vibrato on your ring finger (with the help of the other fingers behind it), i find that that finger lends itself best to doing the doorknob twist.
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as far the vibrato, I do it liek the second way. I plant near the base of my index finger on the fretboard then move my wrist (like you said, kinda like opening a door), it comes with practice, I was really frustrated when attempting vibrato. It comes with time.

edit: as far as the one solo goes, keep practicing i guess, no real help sorry
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well on the subject matter of One... you need to get your rhythm in check because it was off the wall... work with a metronome... if you dont own one use http://www.metronomeonline.com/ works perfectly... also you dont have to pick way close to the bridge... you can pick a bit closer to the neck lol but really it just comes to you after quite a bit of practice. Best i can offer is to sit down... listen to the song over and over... then sit down with a metronome and slow it down... your fast palm mutes were wayyyy off mate