Okay so my friend wants to give the electric guitar a try. She's willing to spend about $500.

She knows a bit from acoustic playing, like chords 'n' such, but that's all.

She likes punk music and bands like Anti-Flag, Against Me, Youth Brigade, etc.

So, just want to get opinions on an electric, plus a decent starter amp.

All help is welcomed.
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I would look for a used guitar that you/she likes. they are more satisfying than the really cheap new guitar models you can get.

For an amp, just look around for the best 15 watt practice amp you can find. these are the best to start out with and youll always want to have a nice small practice amp.
id go with a used Gibson SG special
you can get those for around $500..but idk if she wants the amp in the $500 budget.
deffenatly need a squier and mg...that would be the ideal set up...
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WOO AGAINST ME! my favorite band.. anyways.. used gibson SG or fender Tele.. then a 15 watt practice amp.. (i like Marshall MG's.. but everyone here hates them)
Guitar - Schecter Omen 6. Decent rock guitar for the money and it would be an excellent beginner guitar. (Yes I am recommending a Schecter even though I personally dislike them)

Amp - Peavey Envoy 110. Very versatile. Great cleans, decent amount of gain. They are plenty loud. Awesome beginner-intermediate amp.
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guitar: gibson les paul zakk wylde signature

amp: engl powerball head

GTFO if you're going to be an arse. 1) Way out of price range. 2) No cab = no sound
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Alright thanks guys.
It's $500 for both combined, so I dunno really. I was thinking the Micorcube and something, so we shall see if I can find a used guitar somewhere maybe.
The two people i have got into electric guitar have been very satisfied with what i have helped them choose.

The Roland Cube, and an Ibanez GRG170DX

The ibanez guitar is durable, versatile, and quite capable of producing a decent tone. The guitar has relatively good tuning stability, which is a must for beginners who may be frustrated by this occuring.
something from the yamaha pacifica range.
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