I recorded myself playing No Remorse with my new Bugera 6260 head. Its in my profile, give it a look. If you want me to look at any of your work, just post a link with your crit. Thanks.
First of all, thanks man! I did the recording in about an hour or 2, so knowing that it came out good is great! I really like the 6260 a lot. The distortion stage sounds like a 5150 in a way, but I think it has better bass response, and doesnt sound as muddy as the 5150 I tried out before I got this amp. And the cleans completely kill the 5150's. They are a lot better as long as you mess around with the tone controls a little. The build quality is great, I dont see anything wrong with it, but I have only had it for about 2 weeks so things can happen I suppose. I registered it online, and the dealer gave me a good warranty, so if anything does happen, I'm not too worried.
Very solid playing. You just need to make it louder!
The drum track is a bit hot, especially at 4:43