Ok, you seasoned pros are gonna have a field day with this one. But please, don't hold back; I wouldn't be asking for unbridled advice if I didn't want (and rightly expect) it.

I just graduated from high school ("Hooray! Congrats! Et cetera! Et cetera!" Yeah, I know. Heard it before. I'll just pretend you pretended to give a damn and we'll skip that step, because this post is about amplifiers.) and as a graduation gift my well-off uncle said he'd get me a new amp (and possibly new guitar, but that's a different story). I'm looking into two right now, but I want opinions as I've only played through one of said two. (I'm also aware that the best advice would be, "Well jackass, play through both and pick the one you like best!" but until I find a chance to do just that, I'd like to know what anyone thinks about the following amps (and definitely any others you might recommend to a guy who plays rockabilly a la Stray Cats but also has a punk rock band):

Fender Blues Deluxe (the one I've played and did fall for the sound of, but have only tested with a 1972 Telecaster Deluxe--that guitar I might get... God it's nice. But yeah, I'm digressing!--not my 335)

Epiphone Blues Custom (the one with all the rave reviews but that I've never seen in a shop and, therefore, have yet to play through with any guitar)

Thanks a lot in advance. Like I said, don't hold back; any and everything you guys tell me means a lot to me since this will be a pretty long-term decision I'm making.
I don't know anything about the Epi Blues Custom but I know I would give both of my testicles for a Fender Blues Deluxe ... Well assuming that the reissues are true to the originals because the one I played through was an original and I have yet to try one of the reissues.
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And, the blues deluxe.
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The blues deluxe any day of the week, the reissues are really good and combined with a fender guitar the sound is awsome and it just makes you like 10000x better. I played my new Fender American Tele through it and my god i was playing things i could only dream of before and the clean sound was orgasmic.
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