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So im from texas and say the word Ya'll (meaning you all) all the time.
Im just wondering if thats a common word out side of texas?
Does it sound hick?

Just wondering.
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ultra hick
I'm tempted to use it sometimes, but I stop myself because it does indeed sound a bit silly.
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There was one time I was at work(I live in Nebraska, BTW) and for some odd reason, I said "Ya'll have a great dinner." And after I said this I looked down and was like, why the fuck did I say that.

No, I don't think it's hick. It's that damn accent.
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I'm from Arkansas and I avoid that word like the plague.
Don't want to fall into stereotypes do we?
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Hell Yes.
Do you say Yall Alot?

no, but I have no problem with the word. lots of people say it.
I say ya'll in context.

Sort of ironically sometimes
"Ya'll come back now ya hear?".
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it dosn't sound bad if you don't have a strong accent, the accent is what makes it sound hick, and dragging it out too long. But yeah it's common throughout the south.
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thats how I tell people are hicks
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I live in mumbai, and it seems to be part of the dialect when people try to speak english.

EDIT: But in the US outside of Texas it sounds really hick.
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its "y'all" not ya'll"
I and from Dallas, and yes it does sound hickly, but I say it anyways.
Its not like i say Yall on purpose. its just how everybody talks here. Just listen to a rock radio show from texas. they say yall like no tomorrow.

for ex: have yall seen muse in concert?

^^normal sentence.
I say ya'll a lot, and I live in Tennessee. It's common, but I don't have an increadibly thick accent, so i don't sound too hick.
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I dont have a accent but I do say Yall all the time.

DENTON TX RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know anyone from New Orleans who DOESN'T say it.....

But really, everyone in my family does so I couldn't stop if I tried hahah
No, to answer your question, people say y'all all the time in Kentucky. To answer your other question I guess It's a matter of opinon whether it makes you look like a hick
I'm from Georgia and I've heard it all my life, it's no big thing around here, but I still try not to say it.
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i say it a lot, but i dont really think it sounds "hick" like. it depends on how strong your accent is.
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No, never used over here. It is incredibly hick yes.
It's not uncommon in western Kansas. I avoid using it except for ironic purposes. I could say the same about "howdy."
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its "y'all" not ya'll"
I and from Dallas, and yes it does sound hickly, but I say it anyways.

Lol @ correcting an already retarded and annoying abbreviation.

Never hear it in Australia because we're not susceptable to such slang of a primitive nature.

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It sounds very Jerry Springer to me.
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It's definitely hick, they say it in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana...some of the biggest hick states...definitely a hick word.
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you sound stupid. just say you guys in stead of y'all.

your example: "y'all seen muse in concert?"

my example: "you guys seen muse in concert?"

and guess which one sounds better?
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I say it sometimes. But I just have a 'generic' American accent, so I don't hink I sound like a hick.
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