I was gonna respond, but now that your being so forcefull....

The vocals are good, so are the guitars. The drums seem too....simple...
You did a nice job there tough the dude with the ibanez had a bad solo tone and a few mistakes..otherwise pretty nice
ibanez guy has his volume too high, especially for his wah parts during the verses. i'll forgive it, because it's better than the volume being too low.

it seems like everything fell apart during the transitions from the choruses and bridge to the verses. either the drummer's bad, or everyone in the band just kinda went "when do we start playing the verse again? now? oh, okay, here we go." which is awful. you should know how to make that transition without a problem.
and the solo was just awful on more than one level. (sorry if that's you, TS, but i speak the truth.)
its rather iffy at some bits. the wah lick was very dodgy.

and you look bored. this is a great song. rock out to it!!!

chorus also needs distortion on
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The vocals = win . The bass needs more ATTACK.
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Man, you even got the melody right. +1000000 points.

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^thats a brilliant call. *jots in notebook*
it was good, but boring
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Drummer isn't very good, the bass wasn't very interesting, the guy with the ibanez is too loud, with a bit of adjustments here and there it could be alright.

The vocals are good.
I thought it was good, the timing part was a bummer but hey, it happens.

Was cool, vocalist is a little dead looking though (but the vocals themselves were good)

EDIT: I'm always amazed that the audiences in those high school performances are actually so supportive of the guys playing, I wouldn't expect that in my school.
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It was ok, nothing special. But I'd rather hear something not so obvious like Minor Thing, now that's an awesome song.
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it was good, but you all seem nervous. first show? you guys sound fine, you just need to learn to trust yourselves. loosen up a bit and it sounds less robotronic.
The bass sucks. And considering it's an RHCP song (with a lot of room for improv as well), that's just not right. Fire your bassist for really badly sucking. Scratch that, shoot him. In the head. Twice.

The guitarist was mostly ok, although I agree with one of the above posts that the solo tone wasn't great. The vocalist was good. I don't know enough about drums to judge them, but they didn't sound exceptional or terrible.

You all looked pretty bored though. Put on a show next time.
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Drums were too simple. Where the fills?

Also, I liked how the whole crowd went wild on the choruses. All of them
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main problem is the drums. They should be lighter and upbeat not just thud thud snare thud.
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dang, the singer looks exactly like me O_o a long lost twin perhaps? I thought it was good, but it could have been much better.
The guy with the Fender,or at least I'm guessing it's Fender,should have let the guy with the Ibanez use it.

Edit:The solo sounds like the guy,which I'm guessing is the TS,learned to play it part because it was the solo.You need to people some feeling into it like the Froosh.
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I agree with the above posts, wheres the life?? Its RHCP, and when you see them live, you can always expect to see John walking all around the stage and up to the crowd and Anthony and Flea jumping around like madmen.

All it takes is a little confidence, but if you havent played many shows before, then the confidence will come.

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Vocals were great except the bridge, but that's understandable without the backing vocals, solo wasn't very good, didn't hear the bass, and drums were awfull, dump that bitch! Also so funny when they're something only remotely sounding like a guitar solo all the girls go crazy haha, sorry if I'm an asshole, I don't feeling like retyping it all polite.

Oh yeah almost forgot, where's the enjoyment? You're acting like you all hate to be standing there, the only looking a bit confident is the singer.
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Stage presence would move this from a 6/10 to an 8/10.
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Stage presence would move this from a 6/10 to an 8/10.

Yeah, and remember, if you have great stage presence, you can suck pretty bad musically and still put on a great show.

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So here's my observations/criticism:

Overall: 6/10 - It's obvious that you put some effort into, but it's also obvious that there's a lot still to work on.

Sound: 7/10 - For a band that got thrown together "overnight" and the song you chose, I'd say this sounded like a standard performance for high schoolers.

Performance: 2/10 - No one did anything. If the people playing the music aren't getting into it, how can you expect your audience to ever get into it? You need to move around at least, walk the stage some. Your guys' feet are cemented to the floor. This is even more directed towards the singer. Yes, you're singing, but take the mic from the stand, walk around some, get INTO IT! 2 freebie points for being on stage after throwing a band together overnight.

Drummer: 1/10 - No. Just, no. The beat is watered down and boring, he can't keep a steady tempo, and misses parts. Go take some lessons, practice your ass off for a few months, then think about getting back on stage.

Guitartist (Stage-right): 8/10 - Not bad, I can tell you know how to play pretty well. However, your sound didn't blend well at all and at times you stood out like a sore thumb. Turn down your volume knob, tweak your tone a bit and you're fine next time. Pretty decent job with the solo, just a couple timing issues. Try practicing the solo with a metronome.

Bassist: 6/10 - Nothing special here. Flea is an incredible bassist with some great fills all over the place in this song. I didn't hear any of those, or even an attempt to come up with your own fills. What I heard is what I would expect from any guitarist who decides to pick up a bass. Try to switch things up, throw a fill in here and there. The problem with bass is not many people notice it until it does something really cool.

Guitarist (Stage-left): 8/10 - Good job, didn't really notice any mistakes. You could turn up your volume a little bit, the other guitarist kind of drowns you out, or maybe just turn him down a bit.

Vocalist: 9/10 - The best part of this performance by far. You stay on pitch and in-key for the most part throughout the song. You know the lyrics and the timing. The only thing I would suggest working on is "selling" the song. I know it's difficult to when it's just a cover song, but you need to find a purpose for singing the song. Put some emotion into it, make the audience feel something when they listen to you sing. And most importantly, DO SOMETHING! Your as stiff as a board, move around, jump around, GET INTO IT!

With that said, pretty good job. There's alot of potential there for some good music. Just work on those few tweaks, and please, please, please work on your stage performance!