Anyone heard of them?

I recently heard one of their songs and was blown away, it's very impressive.
The vocals aren't bad either

Tech Death Metal, I think it's rather nice.

I don't remember where I was,
When I realized life was a game.
The more seriously I took things,
The harder the rules became.
One of the best tech death bands imo. Their very dark and jazy and always keep it interesting rather then constantly repeating the same ideas over and over again. Excellent band!
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Im pretty sure theres already a Spawn of Possession thread, but w/e

they ****ing rule, both Noctambulant and Cabinet, i like Cabinet more tho

Lash by Lash is unbeatable
Pretty sure there's already a Spawn of Possession thread, but anyways, VERY decent band, been listening to them for a while now. I haven't heard another technical death metal band that has come near to SoP's chaotic, sickening, horrific brilliance.
I love the start of Church of Deviance, I was listening to it for the first time and as soon as I heard "that" part I was like that's so cool
Hm I dont think I've noticed much tremolo picking usage in Noctambulant but the way they implement it in Cabinet is orgasmic...