ive tried finding the answer to this question all morning and i give up so i was wondering

a)is the edge zero really any better than an edge pro/is it any harder to setup does it have limited pull ups like i read and how does the general quality of each trem compare?


b)because of the bridge question which of these guitars is superior

i like the rg's in general and have found both of these for pretty much the same price (rg2570z is only £10 more) so which one would be worth my £500

The biggest advantage of the ZR over the Edge Pro is that if you break a string, the rest won't go out of tune, which if you plan on playing live, is an absolute godsend.
yes but ive heard the edge zero has a limited range so was a little worried about that also its supposed to be quite stiff i would like my trem to be fairly loose not so loose you can just touch it and the pitch alters but so its fairly easy to handle
The ZR does have a slightly limited range, mostly in the pulling up direction, but it's not so limited that you can't divebomb and raise notes for some crazy sounds.
i dont mean the zr i meant the edge zero thats just been released on 2008 prestige models
From what I can gather, it seems to be a fusion of the ZR and zero, knife edge pivot instead of the ball bearing pivot of the ZR, but with the trem-setting system from the ZR.

The Ibanez website seems to imply that the zero also holds tune if you break a string but then it mentions setting the bridge to 'floating' which implies that its standard setup only pivots one way. Which might mean that if you set it to floating, you lose the tuning stability.
hmmmmmmm thats not very good then which of the two guitar what you get then the rg1570 or rg2570z?
Personally, if I were a shredder, out of those two I'd probably go for the rg1570, purely because the Edge Pro is a tried and tested system and there's bound to be some kinks in the zero system to hammer out.
Hmm, I'm not great on conversion rates but ESP make some nice ones and Schecter as well. It's been a while since I've played that style so I might be a bit out of touch but from what I've seen, Ibanez are still the best out there.
i think im going to get the older version of the rg2570 which has the edge pro seeing as everyone knows it as being a good bridge

thanks for your help